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Chain drive systems

Balancer shaft drive

The continually increasing requirements for comfort placed on modern engines can often only be fulfilled by the use of balancer shafts. Depending on the engine concept, these rotate at the crankshaft speed or twice this speed and thus compensate the mass inertia and mass moments of the crank drive. The method used to drive the balancer shafts is particularly challenging, since the speed of the drive shaft (crankshaft) is characterised by strong irregularities, while the balancer shafts themselves have a high mass moment of inertia due to their function and are continually trying to rotate at constant speed. Alternating drive moments are the result of highly dynamic loading of the balancer shaft components.

Chain drives with (hydraulically) damped tensioning elements are best suited to supporting these loads and compensating the vibrations in the drive. They are characterised by:

  • small design space
  • maintenance-free
  • high load carrying capacity
  • high flexibility in relation to the available design space



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