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Due to increased demands on the rotational axis, direct drive rotary motors are now more than ever replacing conventional motor and gearbox rotary systems.

Elasticity and friction is eliminated with rotary motors because there are no components for it to accumulate. Backlash is also completely eliminated. The designer’s ability to create a more precise, dynamic, controllable rotary motion system is greatly simplified with the use of a rotary motor.

Slotted high-torque synchronous motors designed as internal and external rotors are characterized by efficient power generation, maximum power density, high acceleration capability and high speeds. These brushless power packs operate without wear and friction.
The RI internal rotor motors and RE external rotor motors are designed as built-in motors and are optimal for rotary positioning systems and rotary tables. They are also excellent for integration into many kinds of specialty machines since they can be made-to-order per the required size. Moreover, customers can order a standard RI and RE motor for their specific application and integrate the torque motor into their own, custom design.

The motors of type RE are optimized concerning high torques. At same installation space the torque recovery is permanently higher compared to internal rotors. The cooling is at the inner side of the stator. The rotor is a drum with embedded permanent magnets. The magnet rails of the motors are designed and optimized accordingly to latest cognitions. The RE motors showing only less noticable cogging torques. Also the so called active torque ripples could be reduced down to amounts less than one percent.

Our high-speed series HSR and HSRV achieve even more, with more output and higher circumferential velocity due to their innovative winding structures. The circumferential velocity of these customized motors can reach up to 50 meters per second - the speed of an express train, with a mechanical release output of up to approximately 50 kW



  • high dynamics
  • high acceleration capacity
  • high final speed
  • precise positioning
  • good smooth motion
  • excellent static and dynamic load stiffness
  • compact design
  • simple mounting in bearing systems
  • high reliability and long life time


  • assembling machines
  • pick and place machines
  • bonding machines
  • measuring machines
  • optical inspection machines
  • laser cutting machines
  • high speed milling and grinding machines
  • high speed spindle drives

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