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Screw-type compressors

Oil-injected screw-type compressor

Screw-type compressors operate on the positive displacement principle. Two parallel rotary pistons with different profiles are driven in opposite directions inside a housing. About half of all compressors produced today are screw-type compressors.

Screw-type compressors are mainly used in factories where large amounts of air are needed. Two types are available: oil-injected and oil-free screw-type compressors.

Requirements on the bearings

  • They must take up the gas pressure acting on the rotors as a result of the compression
  • They must ensure narrow gaps between housing wall and rotors to avoid pressure losses and obtain a high efficiency
Oil-injected screw-type compressor


  • Compressors for filling and emptying silos and silage wagons
  • Stationary compressor plants in the chemical industry and in process engineering
  • Machines used in the food and beverage industry
  • Refrigerant compressors in air conditioning systems
Oil-free screw-type compressor with a synchronizing stage and oil injection lubrication

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