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IDAM leads the field in direct drive motion control. IDAM has the technical expertise to provide the perfect drive for every application.

INA – Drives & Mechatronics

Product range

Direct drives

Outstanding synchronization, high speed: IDAM linear motors
Powerful and dynamic: Torque motors as internal and external rotors

Drives and systems : dynamic, flexible, precise

Direct drives from Schaeffler’s subsidiary IDAM (INA – Drives and Mechatronics) are state-of-the-art and offer the right solution for every application. These virtually wear-free drives have the following advantages: high speed variance, excellent dynamics and rigidity, and as a result track accuracy, high final speeds, high accelerating and stopping capability as well as the highest positioning and repeat accuracy.

Linear, rotary and two-coordinate direct drives are available in a wide range of sizes and performances as well as all the electronic assemblies required for operation.

Linear motors

Slotted synchronous L1, L2 and L2D series as well as the ironless ULIM motors are especially suitable for printing machines. They are characterized by their excellent power to weight ratio and outstanding synchronization. They are particularly suitable for applications where high levels of track accuracy and constant speeds are required.

With the L2 motor series, we have succeeded in combining high power generation (>10 N/cm2) with excellent synchronization characteristics and excellent efficiency – precisely the combination of characteristics required for printing machinery.

Torque motors

Highly efficient torque motors enable totally new types of drive systems, for example, for the main cylinder.

Slotted high-torque synchronous motors designed as internal and external rotors are characterized by efficient power generation, maximum power density, high acceleration capability and high speeds. These power packs are contactfree and operate without wear.

System solutions

By forming development partnerships with our customers and through continuous interdisciplinary cooperation within Schaeffler Group Industrial, we can provide high-performance customerspecific system solutions: This is how we produce direct drive positioning systems at the highest technical level.


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