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Planar Drives

Air bearing, planar drives are best suited for point-to-point positioning where the precision requirement is in the µm range. With planar motor systems, force is produced via the reluctance principle. Because of the strong magnetic attraction of the forcer on the stator, a planar system can be used vertically as well as overhanging.

A planar system can also make more efficient use of workspace by utilizing more than one forcer per stator. Two or more forcers acting independently on the same stator can more effectively utilize constrained production process space.



  • single-plane design: X and Y axis are not stacked thus reduced height
  • air bearings support: no wear, no slip stick, consistent motion over 100 million strokes
  • multiple forcers on one stator: process optimization and space conservation
  • operating in all positions in space: design flexibility: horizontal, vertical and overhanging
  • low moving mass: high dynamic response
  • closed loop in 3 coordinates (X, Y, Phi): position controlled step motor, integrated, magnetic 3- coordinates measuring system
  • integrated braking: loss of power will stop air and allow magnetic attraction
  • design variation : open frame, gantry, additional angular motion
  • light-weight stator design: application specific stator design optimization
  • clean room compatible: ideal for clean room applications


  • assembly and repair of PCB’s
  • bulb assembly with integrated testing
  • laser marking and trimming of resistors
  • component sorting
  • mini-production transport systems
  • pick and place
  • connector pin mounting with integrated testing
  • measuring and testing machines
  • wafer handling

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