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Publication | 2004-09
INA ELGOGLIDE® Plain Bushes in SUW 2000 Gauge Changeover Systems from ZNTK Poznán S.A.

Passenger rail cars

SUW 2000 track gauge changing system


Alongside five different power supply systems and 15 rail safety systems, five different rail gauges in Europe and Asia cause considerable delays in cross-border rail traffic.

Due to non-uniform standards, the locomotives and, if the gauge changes, the railcar bogies have to be changed, which leads to considerable costs and loss of time. Automatic track gauge changing systems in the form of axle-gauge changeover points at border stations enable the distance between the wheels on the axles to be adjusted. Whilst traveling through a changeover point, the wheel is guided through special rails via the flange after being unlatched into specially arranged profile rails in order to adjust the distance between the wheels to the distance between the tracks.

This means that changing passenger rail car bogies and unloading and reloading freight onto cars with another track gauge in the case of freight trains can be avoided. The Polish SUW 2000 system enables the integration of rail systems into Euro-Asian transport corridors, thereby increasing their inter-operability.

INA supplies maintenance-free INA plain bearings for ZNTK Poznán S.A.’s track gauge changing system.


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