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FAG Wear Debris Check

Particle counters of this type can be used to determine wear at an early stage in heavily loaded industrial gearboxes on the basis of particles in the oil. The debris particles that can indicate a failure can be detected in the oil several months in advance. Such particles can be identified at an early stage through monitoring of the amount of particles in the lubricant. This helps to prevent unplanned failures and downtime. The oil sensor is installed in an ancillary flow of the recirculating lubrication system in the gearbox ahead of the filter or in a separate circuit.

Typical applications for the FAG Wear Debris can be found, for example, in gearboxes in raw material extraction plant, planetary gearboxes in wind turbines or in ship propulsion systems.

The features of the particle counter are as follows:

  • monitoring of the number of particles in the oil
  • differentiation of the particles into ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • classification of the particles according to size
  • possible integration in an online monitoring system for linking of oil particle and vibration data.

Where particle- and vibration monitoring facilities are combined, damage in gearboxes with recirculating oil lubrication can be detected at an early stage and the source can be determined. In this way, it is possible to prevent production shutdowns or secondary damage.


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