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Catalog | 2018-06
Mounting and Maintenance of Rolling Bearings
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Measurement Methods

Torque and Force Measurements

With torque measurement, Schaeffler offers a service that can be used to estimate the remaining life of drive components. In addition, production processes can be monitored and optimised. In contrast to vibration measurement, FAG ProTorq can be used to monitor values that act on the structural elements. These include moments, forces and other physical units where changes can be detected at scanning rates of less than 1 kHz.

Monitoring of torque, including those cases where it is in addition to vibration measurement, is always appropriate where drive elements must be protected against overload or the physical value “torque” plays an important role in production. Typical areas of use include steel and aluminium, paper, oil and gas, raw material extraction and processing, wind power and pulp and paper.


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