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Catalog | 2018-06
Mounting and Maintenance of Rolling Bearings
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Corrective Maintenance

Once a machine problem has been diagnosed, it should be eliminated as quickly as possible. Two of the most frequent problems, namely imbalance in pumps and fans as well as misalignment of machine components to each other, can be corrected directly by the Schaeffler experts.


Imbalance is one of the most frequent defects that lead to unexpected failure of rotating machine elements. Correct balancing gives a decisive increase in the life of rotating machine parts. This increases the productivity and availability of the machine. The Schaeffler experts reduce to a normal level the imbalances that, for example, occur as a result contamination, wear and repairs. They can detect and elminate the causes on machinery operating at a speed of 40 min–1 to 10 000 min–1. Typical examples of such machines include pumps, ventilators, compressors, turbines and motors. Schaeffler offers not only a detailed analysis of the causes of the problem but also the elimination of imbalances.


Many machines consist of different components, such as electric motors and pumps. After installation, repair or overhaul, the components of such machines must be aligned with each other. If this is carried out incorrectly or not at all, this results in high loads being placed on the bearings as well as increased energy demand and wear.

In addition to laser alignment systems, Schaeffler offers the alignment of machinery as a service. Where necessary, the Schaeffler service technicians will take the necessary laser alignment system to the customer and carry out alignment of the machine in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. The work is then documented.


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