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Clutch discs

Clutch discs


The clutch disc is the clutch’s central connection element. In combination with the clutch pressure plate, it both separates and links engine and powertrain. Every LuK clutch disc features a lining resilience system that is optimised to the particular application and enables smooth torque build up when moving away and an ergonomically synchronised pedal force curve. To reduce the speed and torque fluctuations generated by the combustion processes, the clutch disc must also provide the damping function, in order to reduce noise and wearing in the gearbox.

The clutch disc with torsion damper is the most cost-effective and space-saving solution for overcoming torsion fluctuation problems in the powertrain. The cone centring device developed by Luk corrects potential axle displacement between engine and gearbox and guarantees a precise damping function, even on idling.

The clutch disc without torsion damper is used with the most effective torsion damper system currently offered by LuK, the dual mass flywheel. Engine and gearbox tolerances, especially on transmission intake shafts without pilot bearing, results in a displacement between crankshaft and gearbox. In conjunction with rigid clutch discs for the dual mass flywheel, this displacement can cause idling noises and increased profile wearing in critical cases. One solution to this problem is the displacement correction clutch disc, which enables radial displacement of the hub and thereby prevents potential radial forces in idling and low load ranges. Sound functioning of the dual mass flywheel is therefore guaranteed, even on displacement. The combination of dual mass flywheel and clutch disc with torsion damper is the best solution for particularly noise-critical applications.


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