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Electrical shift gearbox ESG

Electric Shift Gearbox

A beneficial hybrid concept based on a gearbox with LuK PSG components is called the LuK ESG (Electric Shift Gearbox). The concept envisages that a starter alternator is connected to one of the transmission intake shafts. This starter alternator can take on several functions. When driving normally, the starter alternator serves as a replacement for the dynamo. It may also replace the starter and start the engine via the gearbox. This starting process is quicker and more convenient than with a conventional starter, which means that it is possible to turn off the engine while at traffic lights for example. This saves fuel in hot engines.

A further option for reducing fuel consumption is the recovery of braking energy. When braking, the LuK ESG can disconnect the engine and use as much energy as possible to charge the battery. The vehicle can also be moved with the help of the starter alternator with a stationary engine, with an appropriate configuration, electric driving or support of the engine for smoother acceleration is possible. Another option of the LuK ESG is the operation of an air conditioning unit even with a stationary engine. The starter alternator is able to move an A/C compressor driven by the same shaft, thereby also guaranteeing a pleasant climate inside the vehicle when the engine is switched off. The ESG is the perfect example of the innovative technology of the future, as depending on the design and the vehicle the fuel consumption is reduced by over 20% compared with a manual gearbox.


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