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Basic principle of the double-clutch gearbox - • double-clutch (1)

The PSG (Parallel Shift Gearbox) is a double-clutch gearbox. Even and odd gears are separately bedded in a gearbox housing on interlocking shafts. These two shafts are separately coupled by two nested clutches. When changing gear, first the desired gear is engaged on the shaft which has an open clutch. This clutch is then continually closed while the other clutch is simultaneously continually open.

Depending on the application, the double-clutches can be dry or immersed in an oil bath. Activation is optionally with electric motors or via electro-hydraulic controls.

Greatest possible driving pleasure with the best driving comfort – simultaneously the double-clutch contributes to the favourable fuel consumption of the parallel shift gearbox.

The high efficiency of the LuK PSG facilitates a driving performance beyond that of the level of a manual gearbox. Activation is optionally with electric motors or via electro-hydraulic controls. The reduction of complexity and costs with the low space requirements also makes the parallel shift gearbox very attractive for small vehicles.

Gearbox control use the Active Interlock for the engaging and releasing of the gears. Brushless engines for the highly dynamic applications of the LuK XSG range represent superb reliability. At the same time the LuK XSG range is a modular system, which means that the same type of clutch control can be used for ASG and PSG, and with PSG even for both dry and wet double-clutches.

In addition to the XSG components, LuK also delivers software modules for activation, up to the entire system. The behaviour of the entire system can be adapted to any application by the vehicle manufacturer via a software interface.

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